Look at what people are saying about us!


"Intro. to Keyboarding exceeds our expectations! Our son has gained an appreciation for music but also has significantly improved his academic performance. We attribute this to the dedication, patience, and attention given by his teacher Pam. Thank you!"

Theresa Shark

"Hi MAMD! We want to say a huge thank you for the years we were at MAMD. You gave the kids a GREAT foundation and we are very thankful!"

Kimberly Davis

"The class was fun, while also giving the kids experience with programs and systems used in real life situations. The instructor is patient, kind, and knowledgeable. We loved this class!"

-in reference to: Fischertechnik Class

Brandi Silva

"Great class for the engineer/builder minded child! Larry is an excellent teacher!!"

-in reference to: Fischertechnik Class

Pam Lynch

"This was probably the best spent stars we have ever used for what the purpose of the stars should be. I felt my daughter really learned what she would learn in a traditional school setting and I was not qualified to teach her at home. The only thing better would be for HR {Hart-Ransom} to hire this teacher and offer it for no stars."

-in reference to: Fundamentals of Drawing Class

Wendy Marshall

"I would like to say thank you so much for teaching our daughter, Trinity, guitar! She has learned much quicker than we expected! She is encouraged to learn not only how to play, as well as, how to read music, she also is given confidence from her instructor! She is so excited to play and practice everyday! It is a want to learn attitude with Trinity... not a have to! We couldn't ask for an instructor better than thank you for your academy, your encouragement, and your professionalism! We are looking forward to the guitar continuing class! -from Trinity's proud parents"

Liz Aguilar

"My kids have had such a great experience here! Between music lessons and robotic classes they loved it and miss it to this day."

Tami Regier-Burnett

"My son enjoys the classes you offer, he prefers to use his stars here! Thank you for the great programs and friendly teachers and staff."

Faviola Cervantes

"I can't wait to see what Mrs. Melanie has my boys create this semester [Winter/Spring 2015]! Everything they came home with last semester was FANTASTIC!!!!"

-in reference to: Art Foundations class 

Lindsey Drost

"We love your academy!"

Victoria Boyd

"My boys are loving their first day of Pre-Engineering class, at Modesto Academy of Music and Design! They cannot wait to go back!"


Rachel Williams