Harmony Road Music is a curriculum used by Modesto Academy of Music & Design for our group piano classes. Harmony Road is a music program designed to encourage children to discover the world of music through a combination of activities that involve movement, singing, hearing, creating, feeling and playing. Each course is designed for a specific age group and learning level.

Introductory Courses:

Our introductory 4-week classes are a wonderful way to try our classes, experience our teaching styles, and provide readiness for continued musical study. Students and parents/caregivers attend class together to learn the basics of musical concepts, through hands-on and creatively taught, age designed activities incorporating solfege singing, rhythm and movement, ear training, keyboard geography, and percussion instruments. 

Hello Music - ages 3-4
4-week class - 45 minutes weekly

Music Time - ages 4 ½ to 6
4-week class - 55 minutes weekly

Young Musician Primer - ages 6-7
4-week class - 55 minutes weekly

Keyboard Prep Primer - ages 8-11
4-week class - 55 minutes weekly

Piano Street - ages teen through adult
4-week class - 55 minutes weekly 


Semester Courses:

Toddler Tunes - ages 18 months - 3 years
Three 6-week courses - 30 minutes weekly

A joyful first music experience. Tots and parents share in a music-making program of rhythms, fingerplays, active movement games, keyboard exploration and singing. This age appropriate course uses a building block approach to music, developing a child's inner hearing. Each 6-week session has different themes and songs. This course may begin with any session and may be repeated.

Music in Me & More Music in Me - ages 3-4
Two 16-week courses - 45 minutes weekly
Music readiness is developed just like learning to speak - with listening, repeating and responding. These fun-filled classes use a developmentally appropriate curriculum to teach the basic elements of music - rhythm, melody, pitch, dynamics, phrasing and form. Each are enthusiastically introduced using keyboard, solfege singing (do-re-mi), movement activities and rhythm instruments. Parent or caregiver attends class with the student and are instructed to coach daily at home.

Harmony Road 1 - ages 4½ - 6, Harmony Road 2-4 - ages 5-7
Four 18-week courses - 55 minutes weekly
With an emphasis on the comprehensive understanding of musical concepts, this course uses ear training, solfege singing, keyboard playing, ensemble rhythm activities, movement, and music creativity to guide the learning process with the ultimate goal of applying these tools to playing, reading, and writing music. Ensemble activities provide an enjoyable and comfortable environment that support musical growth and development of teamwork. Parent or caregiver attends class with the student and coaches daily at home.

Young Musician 1 - ages 6-7, Young Musician 2-4 - ages 6-8
Four 18-week courses -55 minutes weekly
Taking advantage of the emerging reading and dexterity skills of the six to seven year old student, the Young Musician series, provides a wonderful opportunity for refining and strengthening beginning keyboard performance and note reading. The fun singing games, partner songs and ensemble playing encourage interaction, while building and teaching development of pitch and rhythm, through solfege singing, and movement activities. Parent or caregiver is involved in the class and at home.

Keyboard Prep 1 - ages 8-11, Keyboard Prep 2-3 - ages 8-13
Three 18-week courses - 55 minutes weekly
This age specific course is directed at children who are starting music for the first time. The emphasis of this series is on the development of total musicianship and introduces keyboard performance, note reading and music writing. Pitch and rhythm, solfege singing, ear training, transposing, accompanying and music history are all woven into the fun movement and musical activities. Parental involvement is encouraged, but not required.

Keyboard Musician - advanced students
Four 18-week courses - 55 minutes weekly
This course is open to students who have completed Harmony Road Book 4, Young Musician Book 4 or Keyboard Prep Book 3. Students will continue study in the development of performance skills through varied repertoire styles, sight-reading, technical studies, and three and four part ensembles. Study includes advanced ear training instruction in dictation, recognition of tonal centers and chord progressions. Activities and instruction in transposing, accompanying, composing, harmonic training, along with major composers and musical history are also included. Parental involvement is encouraged.

Piano Street - teen & adult

Three 18-week courses - 55 minutes weekly
This course is directed at teens and adults who are starting music for the first time. This unique course teaches the student practical keyboard skills in a relaxed group setting. Highlights include: functional use of chords, note reading and ear training, improvisation and arranging, solo and ensemble playing, playing in varied musical styles, composing and song writing.