Thank you for choosing Modesto Academy of Music & Design!

Registering your student:

Group Classes:

  • New Students - Please choose the "login" tab on our home screen to begin the process of creating a new account, follow prompts as directed. 
  • Returning Students - Please login to your account to enroll in the class/classes of your choice. If you have forgotten your login information, choose the "login" tab on our home screen and the login page will appear. Choose one of the following options: forgot your "username" or "password" Follow prompts as directed to receive your new login information. 
  • Please use the "Comments Box" to tell about the student's musical experiences. You may also add notes regarding your children and any special needs they may have, this will be very beneficial for teachers your student.
  • Important: If you are a Charter School student - enter your school name in the 'Comments' section.

Private Lessons: If you would like to register for private lessons please contact our office by phone or email to get enrolled. 

Payment Due Date (group classes only): Payment is due 2 weeks prior to all class start dates. Payment ensures your students enrollment in the class. 

  • Family discounts are available to all 'private pay' students: 2nd and 3rd course per semester - 5% discount (materials not included) / 4th or more course per semester - 10% discount (materials not included)
  • Discounts apply to the least expensive class
  • Credits resulting from discounts will be applied to your account and available to use towards future enrollments.
  • Please email or call our office to receive the family discount. This will need to be for each semester as our system is not capable of applying automatic discounts. 

Charter School Students:
Families paying through a charter school are responsible for sending their ES or AT all class information in order for us to receive the PO before the first class day. Any class materials require a separate purchase order (not all Charter Schools will fund materials) & families are responsible for contacting their ES or AT with that information. 

Hart-Ransom students - We must have your enrichment voucher/vouchers & your $50 deposit check (per student) by our semester deadline. Please call our office for this information, it varies by semester.

Important - Hart Ransom Charter School students have a limited time frame to register for new semester classes. Please find this date out from your Charter School Office so you do not lose out on your enrichment vouchers. 



Group Classes: Enrollment in a semester course or group class indicates your commitment to attend class for the entire session. Since our program is created to provide maximum interaction and student involvement with a small student/teacher ratio, your withdrawal from class may require cancellation of the entire class which will affect other students.  Out of consideration for the others in your class, we urge you to carefully consider your decision and remain in class until the end of the session. A thirty day written notice is required if you wish to withdraw from a group music semester class program or private lessons, however no refunds will be issued for materials, tuition, or fees.

Private Lessons: Private Lessons are given year round (spring, summer, & fall). If you wish to discontinue lessons at any time, our policy requires a 30 day notice to be provided to our office. This may be hand written or sent via email. 

All Classes: If the number of enrollments in the class does not meet the minimum requirement, the start date will be delayed or the class will be canceled. Any tuition paid will be refunded if the class is cancelled. Should you choose to cancel after registering for a class, please carefully consider the others in the class. Your withdrawal may require cancellation of the entire class. If you withdrawal within 7 days of the start date you will be charged a $40.00 fee. If you withdrawal on or after the start date of the class, you will be subjected to pay a fee of $50.00 plus charged for however many days the student has not attended until the drop date.