Welcome to MODESDTO ACADEMY of Music & Design


We are a great choice for your child's music classes because of the well rounded foundation we provide with all of our courses.  We do not teach for one project or piece of music but rather foundational skills that enable students to continue to build on the foundation long after they have discontinued classes.  Current research has demonstrated that both the left and right hemispheres of the brain are being used during music making.  The brain of a newborn is a jumble of neurons.  There are critical periods during which the brain is wired. 

Group Music

Modesto Academy uses the Harmony Road Musiccurriculum for our group music piano classes.  We chose this curriculum because of its well balanced approach.  It combines listening, singing (do, re, mi), creating, reading and playing music (rhythm instruments and piano).  Our individual and dyad music lessons also include listening, creating, theory, reading, technique and performance.  We want your students to enjoy learning to read, play and create their own music.  Most of our music instructors have university training in music instruction. Modesto Academy also offers other group music classes such as Group Guitar, Singing Stars, and Holiday & Spring Choirs.

Private Lessons

We offer a wide range of pricate lesson including private piano and other instruments, private art, private tutoring and much more!
Please contact our office today to set up lessons.

Art & Drama

We believe that art is not only a vehicle of self-expression, but a discipline capable of helping a child become their best self! Developing a child’s creativity strengthens the right side of their brain and is an important part of any educational curriculum. The principles of design, color theory, human anatomy, composition, and perspective drawing are some of the many skills that one carries beyond the art classroom. By providing goal-oriented programs that integrate technical skills with  self-expression, we give students the freedom to create and enjoy art for a lifetime!

In our Drama classes students will lern every part of a dramatic production! Students will have the chance to make props, helf craft a set, audition and act in a production all in a fun team building atmosphere. Performance and dress rehearsal pre-party included.  

         Lego & Robotics

We appreciate the fact that students learn by playing. What better way to stimulate and encourage learning by playing with Legos. We challenge students to design "contraptions" that solve specific problems. Students learn scientific concepts and engineering design skills as they delight themselves with Legos.

We provide students opportunities to explore and develop concepts and skills needed in the field of engineering, robotics, and science. As we focus on STEM education, students develop engineering and problem solving skills as well as learning to code.

        Programming, Graphic Design & More!

Our computer programming and graphic design courses are perfect for kids interested in programming/coding or graphic design/character design. Students are encouraged to be creative while learning what it takes to develop games, program robots, and create graphic images and characters. 

       We are eager for the opportunity to work with you and your family!