Modesto Academy of Music & Design
SUPERHEROES - ages 10+ - 8 weeks
Jacqueline Del Curto
Modesto Academy of Music and Design: Monet - Art Room (location map)
Wednesday, 3:40 PM - 4:40 PM
03/07/18 - 05/02/18 (8 weeks)

Spring/Fall: 4 weeks - 1 hour weekly - $90 & 8 weeks - 1 hour weekly - $180

Summer: 4 days - 2 hours daily - $180

Ages 5-9: This class is for young, dynamic artists! Students will learn the basics of drawing the human form by studying their favorite superheroes. Learning basic drawing skills by studying superheroes is the perfect way to encourage your budding artist. Students will work in colored pencils and pastels. 


Ages 10+: This class is for students who are looking to add dynamism to their drawings! Tailored for students who feel comfortable drawing and are interested in taking their artistic skills a step further, this class will teach students the fundamentals of drawing the human form and drawing figures in motion. By the end of this class, students will have a small portfolio of superheroes to show off!

Minimum: 3 students
Maximum: 10 students