Modesto Academy of Music & Design
Tai Wong
Modesto Academy of Music and Design: Ed & Jane - Computer Room (location map)
Wednesday, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
03/07/18 - 04/18/18 (6 weeks)

Spring/Fall:  6 weeks - 1.5 hours - $158

Learn Chinese Chess pronounced "Shyahng Chi," sometimes translated as "The Elephant Game." This form of Chess has been played for many centuries throughout China. Although only beginning to become widely known in the west, "Shyahng Chi" is played by more people than any other board game in the world - including the familiar western "International" Chess. This form of Chess will remind you of the Martial Arts and as quickly as you think you are winning, in the next move, you might not be. If you master this game, you may improve how you play other Chess games like Japanese and International Chess too. There is no queen in this game but two body guards and two cannons with restrictions on which pieces cross the river. Learn the interesting rules and be ready to enjoy the unexpected. Ages: 'okay' within one year & must be approved by the office.
Material Fee: $9 - 2.0 USB flash drive/notebook

Minimum: 3
Maximum: 7