Modesto Academy of Music & Design
Tai Wong
Modesto Academy of Music and Design: Ed & Jane - Computer Room (location map)
Friday, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
03/23/18 - 05/04/18 (6 weeks)

Spring/Fall: 6 weeks - 2 hours weekly - $210
Summer: 4 days - 2 hours daily - $140

Have fun being part of an Engineering team with paper, cardboard, & cardstock creativity using Kirgami, Origami. Cultivate collaboration and engineering teams will compete while showing off their creativity and engineering skills. Class projects will include but not limited to: Project 1: Build tallest free-standing structure and win a prize, Project 2: Build a castle from cardboard to take home to show off to your family and friends, Project 3: Build a weight bearing structure to hold the most weight- prize will go to heaviest load bearing structure, Project 4: Build a container to be dropped to protect an egg that does not break from the highest drop, Project 5: Build a mystery project, Project 6: Build a practical structure to store items. Summer classes will build 4 of the 6 projects listed above. 
Come have fun with your Engineering team and bring your friends too! 

Material Fee: $15/cardstock, paper, & class supplies

minimum: 3
maximum: 7