Modesto Academy of Music & Design
Tai Wong
Modesto Academy of Music and Design: Ed & Jane - Computer Room (location map)
Friday, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
05/11/18 - 06/15/18 (6 weeks)

Spring/Fall: 6 weeks - 1.5 hours weekly - $130
Summer: 6 weeks - 2 hours weekly - $210

In Microsoft Office: Word & Excel/Advanced Word & Excel we will be teaching the basics of Microsoft Word & Excel as well as an advanced class for youth and adults. In this class, you will enjoy learning these programs which helps teach you about budgeting finances, inventory, spreadsheets, resumes, school essays, documents, and much more. You will learn how to organize your Word & Excel documents and spreadsheets to manage your home life, academics, and work as well. We will provide the computer and system for you to learn on during your class time.
In each session, you will master elements that enable you to create practicalities to make your life easier. We will make a checkbook register to show how to track income and expense reports and when a transaction clears, how to check to see if your bank is not making any mistakes. You will also gain knowledge of filing personal documents, for safe keeping, and sharing folders with others so they can review what you have created.  Personal information will not be used during this class. 
Advanced Microsoft Office: Word & Excel will go into more depth and detail in the topics listed above. 

Material Fee: $7 - 2.0 USB flash drive

Minimum: 3
Maximum: 7