Larry Tallman
Modesto Academy of Music and Design (location map)
Thursday, 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
02/14/19 - 04/25/19 (8 weeks)

Spring/Fall: 8 weeks - 1.5 hours weekly - $160 

Come and explore an exciting world of science. Students will explore specific topics in science with hands on experiments and/or demonstration. Listed below are a series of classes that can be taken in any order. Each class will meet 1 day a week for 6 weeks and 2 hours per day.

Material Fee: $5 for each class

SST 1 HOW WE SEE: Through a series of experiments, the students will earn how eyes and brain work together to see the world in weird and amazing ways. 

SST 2 - EXPERIMENTS WITH LIGHT AND COLOR: Learn why the sky is blue but sunsets are red. Make strange, beautiful shapes appear with mirrors, tape and cardboard. Through these and other projects learn the science behind the mystery of light and color. 

SST 3 - EXPERIMENTS IN ENERGY AND MATTER: Use the energy of an electric current to create movement. See a metal wire melt by changing its resistance to electricity. Through these and other projects the students can learn the science behind electricity and energy transformation. 

SST 4 - THE DYNAMICS OF FORCE AND MOTION: If you really thought of it, you probably understand more about principels of physics then you realize. You rely on your knowledge of physics in many situations. In this class you will examine many of the physics and principles that you apply on a daily basis to your every day life. 

Upcoming Meetings
03/28/19    2:30 PM Thursday 03/28/19 2:30 PM
04/04/19    <None> Thursday (No Larry - OOT) 04/04/19
(No Larry - OOT)
04/11/19    2:30 PM Thursday 04/11/19 2:30 PM
04/18/19    <None> Thursday (Larry Off - 4th Thursday of each month) 04/18/19
(Larry Off - 4th Thursday of each month)
04/25/19    2:30 PM Thursday 04/25/19 2:30 PM