Tai Wong
Modesto Academy of Music and Design (location map)
Thursday, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
10/08/20 - 11/12/20 (6 weeks)


Spring/Fall: 6 weeks - 2 hours daily - $180
Summer: 4 days - 1.5 hours daily - $90

In International (American/European) Chess students will learn about the history of chess, the rules of chess, the Grandmasters, and how to play chess. Join in the fun of learning about playing tournament chess and learn the secrets of how to accelerate in learning chess. Explore puzzles and learn about the beginning, middle, and end game strategies. Understand the styles of chess players from Russia vs. the Americans. Learn how to create a chess tournament or just play for fun and play with classmates. We will also show you how to play against computers to learn how to be a better chess player. Enjoy seeing the dance of logic on the board!!


Upcoming Meetings
10/29/20    10:30 AM Thursday 10/29/20 10:30 AM
11/05/20    10:30 AM Thursday 11/05/20 10:30 AM
11/12/20    10:30 AM Thursday 11/12/20 10:30 AM