Kirill Kovalenko
Modesto Academy of Music and Design (location map)
Thursday, 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
04/22/21 - 05/27/21 (6 weeks)


Summer: 4 days - 3 hours daily - $180
Spring/Fall: 6 weeks - 2 hours daily - 

Students will build, modify and program LEGO Mindstorms™ robots. Each day students will be presented with a new challenge. Students will work individually with a Modesto Academy Mindstorms Robotics kit. Please note: Kits are the property of Modesto Academy and will remain in the classroom. 

Mindstorms I- Beginning Program (basic movement & program flow) simple robot design to allow basic programming with different sensors. 
Mindstorms II- More advanced programming with data wires. This class includes a stronger emphasis on programming. 
Mindstorms III- While this class includes advanced programming skills; its emphasis is more on building. This class may be taken after successful completion of Mindstorms I and is intended for the student who has a higher interest in building rather than programming. 

Prerequisite: Students must have taken Mindstorms I before II or III. Students may take I and then skip II to take III. 
Advancement from Beginning to Continuing class with instructor approval.*age 8 with instructor approval

Minimum: 3 students
Maximum: 8 students


Upcoming Meetings
04/22/21    4:30 PM Thursday 04/22/21 4:30 PM
04/29/21    4:30 PM Thursday 04/29/21 4:30 PM
05/06/21    4:30 PM Thursday 05/06/21 4:30 PM
05/13/21    4:30 PM Thursday 05/13/21 4:30 PM
05/20/21    4:30 PM Thursday 05/20/21 4:30 PM
05/27/21    4:30 PM Thursday 05/27/21 4:30 PM