MIXED MEDIA - ages 9-12

Tamar Yefet
Modesto Academy of Music and Design (location map)
Wednesday, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
01/27/21 - 03/03/21 (6 weeks)

Spring/Fall: 6 weeks - 1 hour weekly - $120

Mixed media is the use of multiple types of media such as paper, paint, clay, found objects, and drawing into a single piece of art. Mixed media is a great medium because it's boundless and helps the artist think about materials in an innovative way. This class is all about using lots of different materials to create unique art. Students will learn the basics of making a strong composition while engaging with many unique materials and techniques such as weaving, making three-dimensional paper sculptures and more. Students will learn about the artists who have used this medium and the power of using scraps and found objects.