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Modesto Academy is a great choice for your child's music and art classes because of the well rounded foundation we provide with all of our courses.  We do not teach for one project or piece of music but rather foundational skills that enable students to continue to build on the foundation long after they have discontinued classes.  Current research has demonstrated that both the left and right hemispheres of the brain are being used during music making.  The brain of a newborn is a jumble of neurons.  There are critical periods during which the brain is wired. 

Modesto Academy uses the Harmony Road Musiccurriculum for our group music piano classes.  We chose this curriculum because of its well balanced approach.  It combines listening, singing (do, re, mi), creating, reading and playing music (rhythm instruments and piano).  Our individual and dyad music lessons also include listening, creating, theory, reading, technique and performance.  We want your students to enjoy learning to read, play and create their own music.  Most of our music instructors have university training in music instruction.    

What is Harmony Road Music?: Harmony Road Music is a curriculum used by Modesto Academy of Music & Design for our group piano classes. Harmony Road is a music program designed to encourage children to discover the world of music through a combination of activities that involve movement, singing, hearing, creating, feeling and playing. Each course is designed for a specific age group and learning level. Please see link for detailed class informaiton:  HARMONY ROAD MUSIC COURSES


All Classes: Enrollment in a group class indicates your commitment. If the number of enrollments in the class does not meet the minimum requirement, the start date will be delayed or the class will be canceled. Group Music classes require a minimum of 3 students, if a group music class has 2 enrollments the cost of the tuition will change. Any tuition paid will be refunded if the class is cancelled. Should you choose to cancel after registering for a class, please carefully consider the others in the class. Your withdrawal may require cancellation of the entire class. If you withdrawal within 7 days of the start date you will be charged a $40.00 fee. If you withdrawal on or after the start date of the class, you will be subjected to pay a fee of $50.00 plus charged for however many days the student has not attended until the drop date.

Note: To view the prices and the descriptions for the classes please click on the class title in dark blue.

Charter School Students:
Families paying through a charter school are responsible for sending their Academic Advisor all class information in order for us to receive documentation for payment before the class start date. Any class materials will require a separate purchase order (ask your charter school if they fund materials, some may not).

Hart-Ransom students - we must have your enrichment voucher/vouchers & your $50 deposit check (per student) by our semester deadline. Please call our office for this information, it varies by semester.

Important - Hart Ransom Charter School students have a limited time frame to register for new semester classes. Please find this date out from your Charter School Office so you do not lose out on your enrichment vouchers.



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COMPOSER FUN - ages 3-7
COMPOSER FUN- ages 3-7 (2 Seats Left) Tuesday 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM 06/16/20 - 07/07/20