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Summer 2017 Classes: Registration is OPEN

*You will find a list of our class categories under "What We Offer"*


Modesto Academy is the right place for your student!


-Qualified teachers interested in your child-
-Carefully chosen classes and materials-
-Creatively taught, fun classes-



Our Mission: We are dedicated to providing quality instruction that will contribute to a lifelong love of learning.

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 Our highest priority is to have a safe and effective learning environment for our students. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse service and/or make changes to the learning environment.

What's New
New Computer Classes Are Open!!

NEW Classes Are Open for Enrollment:

 Scratch Programming- 6/26-6/30   9AM-12PM

Minecraft Education- 7/3-7/7   9AM-12PM (excluding July 4th)

Flight (Nano Drone)- 7/10-7/14   2PM-5PM


-Last Chance to Sign Up for Next Week's Classes-

Scratch Programming- 6/26-6/30   9AM-12PM

Comic Book Boot Camp- 6/26-6/29   3PM-6PM

Lego Mindstorms II- 6/26-6/29   9AM-12PM

Pre Engineering IV- 6/26-6/29   9AM-12PM

Robotic Design Mindstorms- 6/26-6/30  1PM-4PM

Disney Princess Drawing- 6/26-6/29   2PM-4PM


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