Private Clarinet/Flute and other Wind Instruments

We are a great choice for your child's music lessons because of the well rounded foundation we provide to all of our students.  We do not teach for one project or piece of music but rather foundational skills that enable students to continue to build on the foundation long after they have discontinued lessons. We want your students to enjoy learning to read, play and create their own music.  All of our music instructors have university training in music instruction.


Modesto Academy offers two recitals per year to all private and group students. Recitals are highly encouraged and gives students the opportunity to sing in front of others and show off what they have been working on. Our Winter Recital is held in December and our Spring Recital is held in May each year. We also have a practice recital a few weeks before the actual recital to help kids understand what to expect. The office emails families to let them know when sign up sheets are out for both practice and actual recitals.  


Lessons will be schedule on a year round basis which will include 47 lessons per year. Monthly tuition will be the same rate each month whether students have 3, 4 or 5 lessons during that month. All tuition fees are due at the beginning of each month. Families can pay in person, over the phone, or online.

30 minute lessons - $124.50/monthly

45 minute lessons - $181/monthly

60 minute lessons - $242.25/monthly


Recommended Wind Instruments

Clarinet, Saxophone, or Obo: Using local music stores is always best.  Gottschalks Music Center or Ingram&Brauns are wonderful stores to purchase your instrument from. If a parent decides to order an instrument online, it would be best if the parent contacted one of these stores and have them order the instrument.  Every clarinet/saxophone needs adjusting when they come from the workshops that produce these instruments.  Gottschalks and Ingram&Brauns both have highly qualified technicians that will insure the instrument is in perfect condition. Below are recommeded instruments for beginners:


Alto Saxophone:

Prelude by Conn-Selmer (Student Model)
Yamaha YA-26 Standard (High School)
Selmer Paris Reference 54 (Professional Model)


Buffet Crampon Premium (Student Model)
Buffet Crampon E13 (High School Quality)
Buffet Crampon R13 (Professional Quality)


Flute or Recorder: We recommend that our beginning students start with a Gemeinhardt 2 or 3 series student model. The most wide variety of choice would be at Flute World in San Francisco and have the flute shipped to you. Gemeinhardt is reputable and one of the less expensive student flutes avialable. Silver produces a better sound. If they wish to go to a local music store, Gottschalks or Ingramand Braun also sells flutes.


Winds Teachers

Cheryl Medik Chris Steffanic