Current research has demonstrated that both the left and right hemispheres of the brain are being used during music making.  The brain of a newborn is a jumble of neurons.  There are critical periods during which the brain is wired. 

We are a great choice for your child's music and art classes because of the well rounded foundation we provide with all of our courses.  We do not teach for one project or piece of music but rather foundational skills that enable students to continue to build on the foundation long after they have discontinued classes.

Our group piano classes use the Harmony Road Musiccurriculum.  We chose this curriculum because of its well balanced approach.  It combines listening, singing (do, re, mi), creating, reading and playing music (rhythm instruments and piano).  Our individual and dyad music lessons also include listening, creating, theory, reading, technique and performance.  We want your students to enjoy learning to read, play and create their own music.  Most of our music instructors have university training in music instruction.    

      Art instruction by our experienced instructors exposes students to art elements and principles using national and state art standards.  Robotics are taught by experienced instructors using Lego Mindstorms™and Fischertechnik™.  Our computer courses are perfect for kids interested in programming or graphic design. Students are encouraged to be creative while learning what it takes to create games, images and characters. 

       We are eager for the opportunity to work with you and your family!